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How To Polish Your Boots to Perfection

Ok... I admit I am a little OCD... but its part of my routine when I'm getting ready for a show or class... I use the quiet time to go over my test and think about my plan... and boy do my boots shine!!

  • Start with a clean and DRY boot. (Use a salt remover type product, or water, NEVER EVER a SOAP product. SOAP or oiled products will leave a residue and no matter how hard you try, they will never shine!)

  • Only use the old-fashioned boot polish made by KIWI. Use the type that says “PARADE GLOSS”. It has silicone in it shines like crazy and helps shed water.

  • Get some sheet cotton. ONLY COTTON… and wad up a palm size amount in your hand and get it slightly damp with water. Only a few drops of water should come out of your cotton when you start applying the polish.

  • Make sure you polish is warm, or has been sitting in the sun. If it’s raining, or no sun, use a bic lighter to heat the polish for a few seconds.

  • Rub some polish on the damp cotton and rub into your boot. Circles are best for the first few layers. Do NOT apply polish to the inside of the boot!

  • Reapply polish when the cotton looks grey or bluish. Don't over apply… you are going to put 6 layers on so don't put it on all at once!

  • Let the boot DRY. Put the boot in the sun in on a heat great, or use a blow dryer. You must not buff the layer until the polish is dry.

  • Buff boot with long, straight, and fast strokes with a soft COTTON cloth or buff brush. Buffing also heats the polish, that’s why you need to do it with elbow grease!

  • Repeat these steps 6 more times, and you will have boots that you can see your smile in … and they won't be patent leather… just look like it.