Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Dressage

Ruth Hogan Poulsen Dressage with training facilities in Plainfield, Vermont and Loxahatchee, Florida.

RIDING WITH SOUL™ is Now Digital!


“I started riding my first freestyle in competition last year, and had so much fun; I got inspired to start using music to ride to everyday. We play around with music at the barn – I’ve got everyone riding in the barn to music! We love it, we love that it helps with the rhythm. It sets a metronome for us. Everyone just loves it – we get silly – just a bunch of adult amateur women! We’re just having fun, and that what it’s all about!”

                                                 - Nancy M., New Hampshire

“[Music] was an eye-opener in helping the development of the tempo. Having ridden with the music changing speed I really developed a better ear for a steadier rhythm and a steadier tempo. As we rode to Ruth’s music, my horse and I were much more in harmony!”
                                                 - Susan A., New Hampshire

“I always listen to music, so it only makes sense that I also ride to music. But I thought using music in riding was only something that Grand Prix dressage riders could do. It helped me SO much! I stopped thinking and worrying and concentrating TOO hard! Then, all of a sudden, I noticed my horse was loose and relaxed, and I wasn’t nagging him AT ALL! Riding With Soul™ was great! It’s now a permanent fixture in the barn CD player!”

                                                      - Skylar M., Colorado

“My poor instructor at school was ALWAYS having to count the beats of the gaits for me.  We could never get past that! I felt like every time she’d teach me, it’d be the same story. I started using Riding With Soul™, and the next lesson was incredible! She didn’t have to get after me once!!”

                                                         - Callie M.-California

"All my life I have dreamed about riding and once I began riding (at 40 years of age!!) I fell in love with the concept of riding to music, but have never been brave enough to ask anyone to help me with it as I don’t believe I ride well enough!! Your music gave me a longed for opportunity and your quiet calm voice saying “down down” during the canter helped me so much as I have been struggling with the canter on this horse who is quite new to me. I really cannot express my heartfelt thanks enough. I would love more music when it becomes available and I hope by the end of the year to feel confident enough to attempt a freestyle test to music – that would be heaven!!"

                                                         - Rekha, Australia





Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why not just ride to the radio?

To actually enhance your ride, you need a few key ingredients: - The correct tempo or beats per minute for EACH gait. - The correct genre of music to help you relax, or add energy to your ride. Not all music maintains the same tempo or keeps a particular rhythm. Riding With Soul™ CDs are made with songs that fulfill these requirements. They have correct walk, trot, or canter BPM, and maintain a steady rhythm.

Q: How can I expect to “dance” with my horse? Can I really learn rhythm?

If you ride, then you have the desire to feel rhythm and become one with your horse. If you can count to 4 and you have a heart beat (your heart beats in a systematic pattern), you can learn rhythm. It’s instinctual for our bodies to respond to rhythm. After learning to count with the music in the Riding With Soul™ CDs, you’ll even become a better dancer!

Q: I struggle finding or maintaining a steady tempo in my lessons! How could a CD help me?

Your instructor can help with so much, but rhythm can be so elusive. Maybe you can find it when your teacher counts the beats, but immediately lose it once they stop. Each 20 to 30 minute program gives you constant help in following the rhythm. Even without consciously thinking about it, your body will work to match and maintain the tempo of the music.

Q: What happens when I don’t use the music? Will it just be a crutch that I need to ride with every day?

Both people and animals develop muscle memory. When a person or animal repeatedly trains a movement, it creates a new habit. Through correct practice, we develop better habits. Music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to shift speeds more easily on its own as needed. That means music can bring lasting benefits to your state of mind, even after you’ve stopped listening! When the music is taken away, the muscle memory sticks. Even after better habits are formed, Riding With Soul™ can always be used for a quick refresher or tune up!

Q: I have a very spooky horse. He’s afraid of EVERYTHING! How would riding to music help him?

A: Riding With Soul™ helps in two distinct ways:

  1. It addresses rider tension. Your nervous horse sends tension to your body, which is channeled back to him. When focusing on music, your body naturally relaxes. You break the cycle of nervous energy and help your horse relax.
  2. Music also acts as a positive distraction to you and your horse. By adding in music in the background, it breaks the silence. So, when a tractor drives by, or when those pesky barn dogs scamper down the aisle, your horse doesn’t even take notice! You are both focused on the music and each other.