Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Dressage

Ruth Hogan Poulsen Dressage with training facilities in Plainfield, Vermont and Loxahatchee, Florida.

RIDING WITH SOUL™ is Now Digital!

The Proof is in the Music...

♪    Music affects both sides of your brain. Whether you’re a left-brain logical thinker or a right-brain artistic thinker, music will help you ride better.
♪   Animals respond differently to various types of music - for example, given a choice, rats will choose calm classical music over hard rock every time.
♪    Music filters out background noises so that you and your horse can concentrate.
♪    Music acts as an INTERNAL metronome to help you maintain a regular rhythm. 
♪    Studies show that music affects our physiology. Slow music slows the heartbeat as well as brings down blood pressure, helping you to relax. Fast music speeds up these same functions and increase alertness.
♪    Riding to music increases your endurance and stamina:  studies show that exercising to music improves endurance by 15%.
♪    Riding to music increases our sense of well-being (release those cool endorphins!)