Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Dressage

Ruth Hogan Poulsen Dressage with training facilities in Plainfield, Vermont and Loxahatchee, Florida.

Top-Notch Turnout PDF


Top-Notch Turnout PDF


This guide gives you the benefit of Ruth's 3 decades of experience as a competitor, instructor, and groom for international competitors like Robert Dover, Jane Savoie, and Gary Rockwell as well as being on staff for the United States Equestrian Team...

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What You Get

You’ll receive a massive 20-page guide condensed for ease of use into convenient tips and packing lists.

  • Dress for Success
  • Tips for Grooming
  • Tack Cleaning Tips
  • Ruth’s Saddle Soap Recipe
  • Polish to Perfection
  • Tips for Braiding
  • Your HorseTacking
  • Rider Packing List
  • Checklist for Horse
  • Checklist for Horse Medical Box
  • Checklist for Human Medical Bag
  • Checklist for Horse Trailer
  • Checklist for Arena Bag
  • Tips for Your Ground Person
  • Post-Ride Checklist
  • Pulling a Shoe in a Pinch