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Ruth Hogan Poulsen Dressage with training facilities in Plainfield, Vermont and Loxahatchee, Florida.

Riding With Soul™ Narrated Bundle

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Riding With Soul™ Narrated Bundle

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All the albums in this bundle are narrated by me. Within the narration are tips and information to help teach you how to ride to music, how to help maintain your rhythm and how to pick your horse's proper tempo (BPM).  I will introduce each track with information on the proper gait for the track as well as the BPM for that particular song. 

What You Get:

  • NEW - Americana (Narrated)
  • Classical Original (Narrated)
  • Contemporary Orchestral (Narrated)
  • Jazz & Big Band I (Narrated)
  • Jazz & Big Band II (Narrated)
  • Latin Original (Narrated)
  • NEW - Classical (Narrated)
  • Rock and Pop (Narrated)
  • NEW - Upbeat Motivational (Narrated)
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