Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Dressage

Ruth Hogan Poulsen Dressage with training facilities in Plainfield, Vermont and Loxahatchee, Florida.

Riding With Soul™ Complete Bundle - SAVE $168!

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Complete Bundle.png

Riding With Soul™ Complete Bundle - SAVE $168!

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Buy all 14 albums for $350 (save $168 - that means you're getting 6 albums for FREE!)

What You Get:

  • NEW - Americana
  • NEW - Americana (Narrated)
  • Classical Original (Narrated)
  • Contemporary Orchestral (Narrated)
  • Jazz & Big Band I (Narrated)
  • Jazz & Big Band II (Narrated)
  • Latin Original (Narrated)
  • NEW - Classical
  • NEW - Classical (Narrated)
  • Rock and Pop (Narrated)
  • NEW - Upbeat Motivational
  • NEW - Upbeat Motivational (Narrated)
  • Holiday Music - Traditional (Minimally Narrated)
  • Holiday Music - Non-Traditional (Minimally Narrated)
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